Domain Name Expiration Process

1. Domain name expiration.

This happen when the domain name has not been renewed by the owner before its expiry date. Then it goes to RENEWAL GRACE PERIOD. This piroid is 30 Days. You can still renew it in  RENEWAL GRACE PERIOD. Your website will not visible in the internet in RENEWAL GRACE PERIOD.


2. After Renewal Grace Period ends (30 Days from domain's expiration date)

You can not renew it now. How ever you can still retore it. But you need to pay higher restore fee. Now your domain is in REGISTRAR HOLD stage. This period is 45 Days.


3. Registrar releases/deletes the domain name from domain registry.

After 80 days from it's expiration date,(If you don't renew or restore it) it will delte from the registry. Then domain become available to register anyone.


So we recomendeed to renew your domain before the expiration date.


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